Livinghigh: Shiny Disco Balls
Friday, April 01, 2005
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Shiny Disco Balls

I need to party. I need to wrap my hands around a tall glass of blackberry flavoured vodka and take a deep draught, inhale the sultry fragrance of Wild Rain seeping through my consciousness.

O heck, I had jaundice. I'm off booze for three months, maybe six.

But that means, I need to party harder. And I'm pretty sure I could do that. I could close my eyes and jive to the beat. It could be anything. Remotely sexy, remotely strong, intensely passionate, intensely uber... I could run my hands over a cold wet bartop, and drum my fingers to the beat I hear between my ears. I could lick my lips as I spy the gorgeous creature across the room, and flash a grin in that direction. There's a message I'm sending, and I'm wondering if there's anyone there on the receiving end.

I need to hop along to a different kind of music and wonder if I can really hear it. I need to play the convincing ringmaster to the hilt, and drive along some animals with me. Yes, I need the whip - as much for me, as for the animals in my carnival. I'm insecure, lovely, tiresome, giggly, fluttering, insane, warped, cracked, sexy, carnivorous, thirsty like hell.

Jaundice hasn't changed that.

Mirror Mirror #23: I'm quite bored with Mirror Mirror, as is evident, I think, from the lack of posts in this segment over the recent posts. This is likely to be the last post in this space - an admission of boredom.


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