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Friday, April 08, 2005
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What we need is action.

My phone cost me a bomb.

I feel like a strawberry lolly now. Not feel feel - I want to eat one, I mean.

Make that a raspberry one.

I had white wine last night. A whole bottle of it. I'm still bragging about it.

It kills me to say this: I may be getting bored of pasta now. Had too much of it, simply!

I haven't had a Chicken a la Kiev in ages!

Delhi makes me simper. Thoughts of Delhi do.

I don't like red too much, but yes, crimson I do. A very sexy colour. Picture billowing cape in a dark, grey sky.

Ditto for dark blue. I hate electric blue, though.

I may be hungry for intimacy. I may drive away intimacy by being too hungry for it.

Death by chocolate, or Chocolate Bomb? Would love to die either way.

Make up your mind, make up, make up, make up.

Sometimes, I don't make sense. Actually, that happens a lot of times.

Mirror Mirror #25: I adore being a paradox. Or would love people to think I am.


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