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Friday, May 13, 2005
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Playing hookey

It has been a long and arduous week, one in which I have had little time to post, chat, or listen to music while at work - GO 92.5 FM is not 'music' music in the sense that a CD at work is. I've been Editor For A Week. If you've read my earlier post on being Editor For A Day, you'll know that I'm totally fagged out. Sigh. But the egoistic bones in my Leo skull are satisfied, at any rate - I've been the big boss, at the cost of popping a couple of blood vessels, I've been the big boss.

And today, I wanted to bunk work. I was in Colaba, at 7.30 am, and quite at a loss for anything to do. So, I decided to walk down Causeway, and take in the sights of an island (or what used to be one!) awakening. And, during my travails, I espied a real-to-goodness Irani cafe. The rest is history: fluffy double omlettes and kheema fillings, thick and juicy mango juice, strong and sweet brown coffee. I lip-smacked my way out of Olympia Coffee Shop, for that is the place's name, and skipped down to Churchgate.

But I wanted to bunk work. The libraries, the galleries, the museums on Kaala Ghoda were all opening their doors, while I made my way to Churchgate. I stopped across Rhythm House; looked in the window of a gallery: the pictures prettily displayed, the lone guard sitting slumped in a chair facing me, a single attendant pouring himself what looked like coffee, and utter desertion besides - and I so wanted to step in for a few moments.

An SMS from a colleague broke my bubble, however: don't you dare think of bunking today, moron: you're Editor For A Week.



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