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Friday, May 20, 2005
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Prodigal Pune

This time around, Pune has been good. There, that should put a smile on the faces of all the Poona-wallahs who frequent this space. I had a good time. Koregaon park was lovely. Kalyani Nagar was impressive, and I can't wait to head back to Elly Sim for a weekend of party, party and party.

The last time round, Pune failed to impress. Small city, too dusty, too many trees at times, too few good looking people, too many old retired colonels hobnobbing with other old biddies, too many people speaking Marathi and nothing else, too little places to freak out - and of course, at that time, I was the goody-goody creature who thought freaking out was something goody-goody boys never did.

*Beatific grin on face*

I've tasted the yummy crunch of Danish pastry at German Bakery. I've walked down lovely awnings of trees down Lane no 3, KP. I've lusted after pretty young things in front of the Osho Institure. I've paddled around in my Oshos. I've munched into KFC. I've dreamt of jiving all night in a packed disc, and not just till 1.30 am. Sigh...

Note to Poona-wallahs: Gimme your numbers, so that I can meet up and party with you guys next time I drop down to Pune.


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