Livinghigh: Spin Doctor
Friday, May 06, 2005
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Spin Doctor

Turning fast in the air. Spinning out of control. Yet, I'm stable. Inertia, damn you! Would love to sing Kylie right now: I'm spinning around, move outta my way... nanananana nana nanana! Whatever. Nonsensical. Wise. Something of the sort.

Flies and mosquitoes don't make sense anymore. Grinding myself to work seems unbecoming. I strive to find a value for me, my strengths and my secrets. I'm hoping someone will come along and pick me, a diamond from the rock. Damn - too many Disney cartoons. This is what happens when you start believeing in Beauty and the Beast from the time you're eleven. Let's march on Disneyland - dreamers of the world, unite, and kill the fanatasy of dreams.

I've murdered that Marxist sentence way too many times. Maybe it means, I'm a Socialist at heart, despite my leanings for the nicer things in life. I can't tell. I hate being poor. I hate being in the kind of situation Shantaram is in. I would like to kill the damn coot. Belligerent? Yes. I think that happens because of the dizziness.

But wait, I like rollercosters. Why on earth doesn't this one have the same charm, then? Maybe it's because I'm straining at the binds, but the damn thing just won't start!


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