Livinghigh: Wash your mouth with soap, young man!
Monday, May 30, 2005
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'Wash your mouth with soap, young man!'

Some people don't like soap operas. I confess, at one point of time, I used to watch that shit. I used to look at Brooke seduce Ridge in B&B, and other clay-faced leading men and leading ladies have raunchy sex in Santa Barbara. Terrible thing, really, considering I must have been all of 12 years old then. Blame it on mum. And then, she got this idea that her little boy is seeing too many television episodes with the titillating factor and maybe some parental guidance is necessary. So, there was a ban imposed. No sexy soaps for me anymore.

Well, that ban didn't last very long. Mum didn't really care, and I had a thing going on for Brooke and Ridge. So I would watch them copulate, fornicate, have sex, screw, shag, yadayadayada.

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And then came the days of the hindi soaps. Tulsi Virani held centre stage, so that meant Brooke and Ridge could go screw themselves silly anywhere, but not on mum's TV. That meant, I was to watch Tulsi and Savita battle it out, and not watch Brooke screw Ridge according to the various teachings of the Kamasutra. Not half as tiltillating, but not bland either, mind you. Very chutzpah types. Very intriguing. Could give Ian Fleming a run for his money.

So, what happened to change all that? How on earth did I become this strangely self-obsessed creature who laughs at soap operas and thinks they're hilariously entertaining? Whatever happened to... (sigh)... romance?

Flushed down the toilet. In other words...

I discovered Buffy!


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