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Monday, June 06, 2005
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pinpricks in my eyes
rushes in my heart
floods through my hands
which grapple to find nothing at all

- that was a short little thing I scribbled, when someone asked me what it felt like to dance in the rain. This was the pseudo version. Simply put: it feels divine. I've done it. Stood out there, with my hands outstretched, smelling the wet earth, and wishing that I could just go... under. That would probably be a death wish had I been in the middle of the ocean. Come to think of it, it's probably a death wish even here, in amchi Mumbai, when the rains finally do come!


I am finally going to Delhi. My tickets are bought. Next Monday, I shall be chug-chugging along on a train to Dilli meri jaan! Unless, another bout of jaundice strikes me, or some other such madness that amchi Mumbai devises for me, every time I try to run away. In that case, I shall simply curl up and die. After throwing a tantrum of a suitable size, of course.


Actually, this shall be an eventful week. This will be the week where I change jobs, and change houses too. This will be the week where my old room mate leaves amchi Mumbai and returns to Dilli hamesha hamesha ke liye (sob!). This is the week where another friend goes to Delhi for another job interview - and if he gets the job, he'll be gone too! (sigh!) This is the week where I get a new room mate - an old friend whith whom I had lost touch with. This might be the week I have my driving test. This week will culminate with me leaving for my holiday.

As the message on my t-shirt says: My schedule is full, I can't handle a crisis right now!

POP quiz: How many times have I mentioned amchi Mumbai in this post?


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