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Friday, June 03, 2005
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Psycho on 'sex'

Who has all the fun in relationships? Hard to say, but a friend and I decided, sitting at a spot in the office complex titled simply 'the Benches', that it is chest-beating, ape-calling, Gucci-wearing, ego-celebrating men. Mua.

Quite a matter of fact.

1. We don't whine. And if we do, it's intelligent whining, surfeit with a lot of sarcastic nuggets that would make George Bernard Shaw even prouder of his sex than he normally tended to be (harken back to Let a woman in your life, in Pygamalion).

2. We like sex, and make no 'bones' about it. Pun intended. Sex is important to have in a relationship, and every guy knows it. Unless you're eighty years old, with pots of money, and know that you can buy a twenty-something bimbo to decorate your arm with a coupla handfulls from those potfulls. But even that confirms my bit about sex: I mean, the only reason he'd waste some of those handfulls on a chick, rather than a Ferrarri, is the all-important God Phallus.

Yes, I sound like a horrible misogynist-cum-traditionalist, but I'm a ranting mood right now, so don't hire the mafiosi just yet. Wait for a couple more paras.

3. We can divide, quite neatly, sex from emotions. Well, at least, most of the time. Haven't really succeeded right now, and that's why you have this stupid little post, but that's another matter altogether.

4. We have little hang-ups about quick sex. That can make even a coffee break fun. Thank God for anatomy and good thinking.

That's your cue to call the mafia guys.


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