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Wednesday, June 01, 2005
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Sigh. I hate having to act all whiny. And that happens every time I write a new story. Damn. Do I really write that bad? No one wants to read a new story by me. So I wrote Poison on Gabbles, and only lovable, adorable, beautiful Geet reads and comments. So I like her the best. Sniff, sniff. Am like a hurt child now. Meanies.

So, I've written another one, called Afternoon Mirage. About Calcutta. Or, rather, it's placed in Calcutta. And though I know no one will ever read this one either(!), I'm posting an extract here, nevertheless:

I'm not used to being spoken to by strangers, unless they're beggars or they're policemen, and so my first instinct was to stare through you. I'm not a people person, despite the fact that I come from the City of Joy. I find people intrusive, I find their questions intrusive, I would rather live in a land where no one cares or no one bothers you. So, I shrug, for all that I find you interesting, and I say, "Excuse me, I have to go somewhere."


Carrying on to Geet's meme:

1. Total volume of music on my computer:- have no idea. Not as much as the porn, though. But then, my computer's stuck in my old room in Calcutta, so I have neither porn nor music here. The computer at office has a huge collection, but I can't quantify: there's world music, English classic, pop, alternative, rock, jazz, Indian classical, hip hop, etc.

2. The last CD I brought:- TranceSpotting Vol 6, from Pune's MG Road. Haven't heard it as yet, though.

3. Song playing right now:- Nothing on the computer, Summer Wine by Nancy Sinatra in my head.

4. Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:-You can do magic; Ayesha; King of Wishful Thinking; I will survive; Sugar Sugar.

OK, since I have to make sure that four other people carry on the baton, I'm nominating Akshay, Uber, Aditya and Vikram.


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