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Thursday, June 16, 2005
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Through the Looking Glass

I am out of town right now, and that explains a number of things.
(a) that this place hasn't been updated in a while. (Well, this is a sort of update right?)
(b) that I haven't had much time to actually go through some of the other blogs I am a regular at!
Am sorry guys.

Actually, there's another reason for the lack of blog reading initiative... have changed my job recently, and the new job doesn't afford me as much free internet time as I would like to have! So.. yes, sigh.


But yes, Delhi is nice. Have been meeting old friends, and visiting old haunts. I'm changed, though. I may not have the old enthusiasm that I had earlier... I may not be the same come-what-may-I-love-saddi-Dilli kinda guy that I was earlier. Mumbai has grown on me. I suppose it was inevitable.

I just wish, the city had fewer people and better roads now, Mumbai that is. And I wish Delhi had a good train line.

Green grass and houses made of glass, yes, but I never seem to learn any morals from all those lines, do I? ;-)


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