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Tuesday, July 05, 2005
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C'est la vie: Mondy's Blog Meet

It was a bloggers' meet last Friday, and I shall pretend to be one of those earnest loggers at Caferati and type in an accouint of what we did, and who we were. Assembled were, as follows: Bloggers Akshay (he of the trivial matters), Geetanjali (she who still wishes she were a baby), Phalguni (she who is still a baby), and yours truly (he who likes to stay in high rises, but can't afford them!).

Also present were the Blogwhores, a class of people every earnest blogger depends on for that tiny pot of egositic gold at the end of the blog rainbow, those people who don't write blogs themselves, but do make it a living to visit and (more importantly) COMMENT on as many blogs as they can find. (Phalguni has the copyright on blogwhore, by the way.) So, the irrepressable blogwhores were Kunal and Aparna. Kunal brought along new initiate Anurag for the ride.

The evening started with beer: lots of it. And loose talk. Dandified Geet and Phal had some wine and pretended to be French. They both hope to marry French diplomats someday and emigrate. Phal will murder hers soon and be deported back to India, where she will be a brilliant documentary maker. Geet will divorce hers soon, and spend the rest of her life touring Europe via train.

*Wicked chuckle*

More beer followed, together with various songs on the jukebox. Yours truly was called gay, because he appreciated the fact that someone played Jemilia's Superstar on the box. Akshay sniggered. Anurag still hadn't arrived.

Akshay wants to pass his examinations. He was, however, jobless for the day and decided to attend a Bombay Bloggers' Conference in the morning. Then, he turned up for a variant of the same at night. Losah!

*I'm just being mean now. hehehe*

Anurag arrives, and everyone falls in love with him. More people call me gay now. Aparna shrieks with delight and invites me to a high-society ball with her, together with some French diplomats next week and I agree to come. Eat your hearts out, Phal and Geet. Anurag whispers something in Kunal's ears, and Kunal sniggers. Akshay is quite silent. Bored, perhaps, but then when everyone gets on his case, he forces a grin.

*The drink is getting to me. See what I mean about living HIGH?*

It is Bade Miyan for the next round. People crowded around a chhotuu table on a sidewalk, and baida roti is called for, and some butter chicken. We talk about life and love. Not really. We're just drunk. Anurag is pretending he's sober, but then he starts shrieking with laughter like Aparna, and the secret is out. Kunal pats his head. Akshay is yawning by now. Geet and Phal and Aparna start discussing French short stories and writers, translated in English.

*Weird people*

Taxis are called for. The blog meet is declared a success. Au revoir.


a nice template. and a nice post to top it off :)
Looks like the meeting was fun. You Bombay guys are ahead of us Bangalore/Chennai people. We start with the coffee. You start with the booze :D sahi hai!

By Blogger Truman, at 8:41 PM come down to Bombay...we'll do the same for you...till then you have fun in Bang (if you're there) at Koshis and 1912. Hmph.

Rahul you forgot to mention Aparna de-invited you from the 'ball'...And Jamelia is not the only reason we called you gay... wink wink nudge nudge.....

Tho I must say I luuuuurrrvvveee Kunal. And Geet of course, who shall help me get that French diplomat. But I think I'll just write a book instead of that documentary if thats alright with you... Or maybe Anurag could help me!

Another interesting turn of events...Aparna decided she is open to 'experimentation' if you know what I mean.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:19 PM  

adi - yep, come down to bbay.. will be fun!

phal - aaps never de-invited me! she said, she'd confirm later if it was ok or not! yep, yep, i know.. ap's a whore! hehehehe... experiments, eh?

By Blogger livinghigh, at 3:50 PM  

LOL you are right - your's is more wicked an account. But then it's also been settled that I'm a sweetheart and not a mean bitch ;-) Muhahaha!

I beg to differ on one point - this was more of a friendly rendezvous than a "real" Bloggers meet na?

Also, hey I don't still wanna be a baby - like those nicknames *embarassed* this also has a long, albeit innocent story ;-)

You also forgot to mention the bit where Aparna kept getting showered by beer and wine - ;-)

Next time let's pick up a place in the suburbs so we don't end up paying a bomb for taxi fare back home! *Kanjoos Geets*

By Blogger Geetanjali, at 4:42 PM  

phal ur were high that night get ur facts right rahul rightly points out i did not de-invite him.
rahul , u forgot to mention that phal stole beer randomly frm other ppl's beer mugs.u also forgot to mention our plan to throw kunal "accidently" on the hottie in black tee siitin behind u n perhaps get a chance to talk to him( yeah , i know beer makes ppl come wit the strangest idea)
bitches( phal n rahul)i'll ignore ur comments on my declaration to experiment.
geets i agree , i dont want to pay a bomb for taxi either , we cud hv bought more booze wit that rahul next time haul ur ass to the surburbs.

By Anonymous aparna, at 8:58 PM  

Thanks for the invite boyo!

Oh wait.

I wasn't asked.

(I even speak French...any diplomats still available for me?)

By Blogger Vikster, at 4:47 PM  

aawwww... apologies, vik!

By Blogger livinghigh, at 5:00 PM  

aaah! most nice!
never had so much run reading a blog post!
but it helps that i was there.
you forget to mention a lot of details aparna rightly pointed out...
neeways, i think i had the time of my life!
next time, toto's or the shack it is!
oh, and phal and aparna, i love you both.
and aparna, i know i am saying it again (wink), buti am also open to experimentation. muhahahaha.

oh and dude, in your account you cud hv raved a bit about me, na??

also y do only phal and geets get the french diplomats? why not aparna and....


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:41 PM  

A 'slightly different' account from Geetanjali's.


Did you guys know each other before blogging or through blogging?

By Blogger . : A : ., at 8:01 PM  

August - The reason why I wouldn't call this meet a true bloggers meet is coz there were so many common friends that most of us had already transcended the blog-world into the real-world ;-) Already knew Akshay via Caferati Pune, Rahul's a frnd of a very close frnd, Phal is school-junior and close frnd of ex-French classmate! Now how's that for a small world?

By Blogger Geetanjali, at 2:36 PM  

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