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Wednesday, August 31, 2005
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Bong and his jamuns

Stepping down from step to step. Feels strangely ethereal. All elfin. I guess this is where The Lord of the Rings comes down and smacks me in reality. This is what I get for all those hours in Neverneverland, oops, Middle Earth. Ex roomie, Lanuk, will be ecstatic to hear me say so. But I'm not really complaining. Am in a strange place... or maybe I would just like to think so.

This should be a strange post of ethereal romance and piping hot gulab jamuns. I think I prefer the jamuns. Had these amazing jamuns yesterday at this little Sindhi joint in Seven Bungalows yesterday. Alright then, it's not the bloody armpit of bloody Andheri after all. It's actually a nice place... all snaky and decrepit, teeming with food shops. And I'm going loco.

I wrote something the other day. All about hesitating to take the plunge in matters of loooooooove. And then I get dumped myself. Maybe that's somebody up there having a laugh. No big deal. I'm not really heartbroken - merely chagrined. I think, my ego's hurt more than anything else, really. The resurgent Leo ego. The fatteningly maddening Leo ego. The fatteningly maddening Livinghigh ego... why blame other poor leos about it?


Anyway, go read the story, please. It's called Being Pragmatic, and it's on (where else?) Gabbles. Here's the customary snippet:

Begin the game. The Game. The Hide and Seek. The I'll-count-to-hundred-and-you-go-hide-till-I-find-you game. There are a million names for it. I'm horrible at the game, and yet I realize why it's so important I play it. I'm just not a pragmatist. Just not the kind of person who understands that human beings need to have someone run away from them, before they can be stimulated enough to run towards them. Silly theory. I never did understand it. But I have to play it. Whoever wants to die a virgin, after all?

And at that, I smile again.


Aah! Sweet temptations that life holds us hostage and otherwise, ey?..take care kiddo.
take care...

By Blogger Meddusa, at 8:17 PM  

sorry to hear abt ur break up. No offense but I kinda laughed out while reading how God must be having a good laugh abt it. I kinda visiualized it and seemed funny :)
All I can say to u is better luck next time :)

By Blogger Viewer, at 3:12 AM  

hmmm... take care man.
I know the Leo Ego you talking about- I am one myself.
Btw, your mentioning about Gulab Jamuns has made me suddenly feel like eating something similar too.

By Anonymous Truman, at 11:22 AM  

Salute, being dumped is a learning experience. Now go have a Vodka!

By Blogger K, at 1:27 PM  

Better still since you have a sweet tooth have a Mississipi Mudslide at TGIF. It will be in keeping with current events too.
OK, bad one!

By Blogger K, at 1:28 PM  

Jamuns make excellent padding for bruised egos.
Chocolate has mysterious healing properties as well. You're certainly on the right track!

By Blogger chamique, at 3:04 PM  

well u r a true leo. inspite of confessing that u hv a big ego, u were candid enough to admit being dumpd n not say "i dumped her". by the way, seven bunglows also has this hyderabadi rest that serves really good halim(i think thats waht they call it)

By Blogger erratica, at 9:40 PM  

meddusa - hey babe, sorry i missed de gathering u'd planned laat week. bad case of de flu.

viwer - ure a regular sweetheart! lol.

truman - try de khoa variety. they're quite different from de stuff i get in delhi or calcutta, but i luv em, nonetheless!

k - hahahahahaha! bet some mississipians are baying for ure blood!

chamique - ure a regular witch doctor in de wild with ure chocolate and jamun therapies! lol

erratica - ;-) yes, i know de Hyderabad House ure talking abt.

By Blogger livinghigh, at 7:22 PM  

is ur roomates name really lanuk??? coz i'm kunal

By Blogger kunal, at 5:33 PM  

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