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Tuesday, August 02, 2005
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One night in the rain

So, I think about the offer and say 'yes'. A time is fixed, a place is fixed. I'll be waiting out at the gate, I say. It's raining cats and dogs in Bombay, Prabhadevi has low visibility because of the gusts, and my brother tells me to stay home. But I'm reckless. And curious. I decide to be brave, and stand out in my raincoat and umbrella, promptly at nine-fifteen, waiting for the car.

I'm on a date.

I laugh a bit. I think it's funny. The way we talk and chatter, now and then. Sometimes, I think to myself, even while laughing a joke, that I'm with a kid. Robbing the cradle. And the other person's intention is cradle the robber. Silly pun. I'm losing it, I think. Even that is funny, so I laugh yet more.

Slapping sheets of rain on the water. The car screeches along Mahim causeway, and onto Linking Road. Bandra is dark and empty. It's been raining here all day. It's empty, and I wonder whether Zenzi may be empty. The car whirls in a groan towards Waterfield Road. Don't worry, says my companion, I'm in control of the car. Hmmm... and we haven't even got drunk yet, a part of me smirks.

Zenzi turns out to be closed, not just empty. Across the road, there's Seijos, but there's not a soul there, apart from me, my date and the staff of fifteen who hover around us like a swarm of Arabian slaves. My date and I stare at each other for five seconds, and I finally suggest going back to town.

Town, not town. Town (South Bombay) Town. Do the rich and famous also party while North Bombay drowns? My mum had called up earlier in the evening, while I was shopping in Colaba, and sounded shocked that I was getting knick-knacks, while NDTV was beaming live images of drowning SUVs. Well mum, that's television for you, I told her blithely, and proceeded to buy myself a bead neckpiece. I'm not wearing that neck piece now, as the car parks next to Red Light, but I'm still thinking of mum. Red Light is closed for a private party, the guard announces. Guess that answers my question about who parties when. I'm not rich or famous, but I still want to party.


Polly's is the answer. I love the place. Blaring loud retro music. Young boys and girls who make me feel a 100 years old, but I still love the place. Magical bartenders. Dancing with a bottle of Kingfisher in my hand. But then, I'm broke. My date is paying for me tonight. I'm a kept man, I guess, and I blush dutifully. But I decide to accept being the paid man tonight.

The parking attendant hurries over to the car window and chatters that Pollys' is closed for the night. I break into laughter. My date is not really amused. But, being a kid, kids laugh along. They find anything funny. Even me.

The saviour of the night is Not Just Jazz... Karaoke machines and shining disco balls in the air. Mohitos and Cosmos, beer and more beer. It's a fun night. A kiss exchanged. Lots of kisses exchanged. Legs rub along each other. There's chemistry in the air. Not magic, though, because I'm still conscious of the fact that I'm robbing the cradle.

And the robber is being cradled right back.


Glad to see someone's drowing himself in joys, instead of sorrows...keep living high kiddo!

By Blogger Meddusa, at 10:30 PM  

Ahem - you have to admit it does seem rather trivial to be complaining abt hot-spots and pubs and discos being shut, in light of such complete disaster. Not saying that it's wrong to party, just that if you can't it's NOT the end of the world. But if you've lost EVERYTHING it's pretty close to the end...

By Blogger Geetanjali, at 11:13 PM  

med - ;-)

geet - of course tis is a whiny, selfish post. i never said it wasn't. i'm being petty and preppy here. dats de idea.

By Blogger livinghigh, at 11:51 PM  

I'm confused. If you're the one laughing like a child and pouting about parties being rained upon, who's the kid again?

By Blogger chamique, at 10:44 AM  

soms - hehehehe... i'm de schizo, baba. u know dat, right? ;-) old man, young man, dumb man...

By Blogger livinghigh, at 10:50 AM  

dont you just love being cradled back :)

By Blogger say what?, at 10:51 AM  

and the crown for lesser popular version of kishen mulchandani 2004-2005 goes to (drum rolls)......................... LIVING HIGH.(thunderous applause)

By Anonymous aparna, at 1:26 PM  

Like i said 'kiddo' live high, and ssshhh about me being me:)!
C u around ey!

By Blogger Meddusa, at 4:07 PM  

its perfect ot be petty and selfish. perfect. perfect. perfect.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:04 PM  

Aparna -Bitchy...gosh I loved that comment...

Kunal - Ahem. I beg to disagree, but let's not go there. I doubt either of you would be interested in a lecture frm Plain Jane!

(PS Sorry Rahul cudnt resist responding to those comments...)

By Blogger Geetanjali, at 11:41 PM  

TDH - yesssss, i do! ;-)

aparna - i looooove u, bitch. i'm DEFINITELY gonna shout out ure name when i get up to receive my booker/ oscar. ;-)

medusa - yes, ma'am.

kunal - perfect lil creature, aint we? lol

geet - hope ure feeling better now, and yes, i can quite understand the sheer enthusiasm of wanting to comment on these two - especially apy's! ;-)

By Blogger livinghigh, at 12:29 AM  

Looks like you were 'living high' that night.


By Blogger . : A : ., at 10:57 AM  

dont crib abt all spots being closed u oldie. u had a nice PYT by ur side. u wants a crowd anyway

By Blogger sharad, at 1:54 PM  

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