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Friday, October 07, 2005
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Cough, cough

Just an interruption to state that I have the cold, cough and fever once again. And that there's a new story on at Gabbles, called Blue.

The customary teaser goes:

It's a gay ball. Streamers. Balloons. Heart shaped ones at that. How tacky. Laugh. Drink like a fish. But you're burning up. So fast, and the image of the blue lens in your fingers comes back over and over in your mind. How did you manage that, you wonder. Somehow, you did. Somehow, you grasped that slippery blue half-orb in your artistic fingers and touched your eye. Somehow, you could see again, though it was through veils of water. Veils that kept on flooding your eye as you rushed out of the apartment, past the bus stop where the man who bit you stood earlier in the evening, and you rush into the cab.



Hey take care of urself yaar :)

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