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Friday, November 18, 2005
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Newton never encountered this apple!

Have I talked about my iPOD? I've desisted so far, because I don't wanna sound like a strange demented moron talking about gigabytes of music and strange mp3 music being uploaded/ downloaded (which is it?) that I will probably never listen to, but still looks good on my GB meter.

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It's not one of the sexy minis or nanos, but I love it nonetheless. I love how I wheedled my bro to give it to me. I love how I look at it with the yearning affection of a nurse breastfeeding a child, while Apple charges. I love the way the chargemeter blips up and down, up and down while the current makes it STRONG....!!!

Ok, so this is obscene.

So, let's talk about gigabytes now. It's a 20 GB baby, and I have only about 4 GB filled. That too, with up to 56 albums and LOADS of mp3s not filed under any particular album. There's loads more space, loads more music to download, and my flatmate is going to kill me, if I cut down her internet time any more, because of uploading/ downloading (which is it?) my iPOD with music.

Yep, the walkman looks pretty sad and morose on the cupboard top these days. ;-)


Irony of life.
I have a 30gb music collection on my desktop, and only a 4gb mini.

By Blogger Casablanca, at 2:04 PM  

Naaahinnnnnn... I had to endure my Boss who called me up from Delhi to tell me about his super slick new fifth-generation Black iPod. On which he is watching pRon videocasts... You should really load your device up with podcasts some of them are really good!

By Blogger K, at 2:29 PM  

ok - i'm being ignorant here - what's a podcast? have seen some mention of it earlier also.

By Blogger livinghigh, at 5:43 PM  

oh boy ur ipod like is like huge matka.r u givin up ur walkman for adoption or it stays ?????????

By Anonymous aparna, at 11:23 PM  

It's not called wierd - it's called showing off! Rubbng that fancy gadget under us poor folk's noses! Really! *sniff sniff*

LOL jk...can just imagine how excited you are abt it!

By Blogger Geetanjali, at 11:52 PM  

Fill it up. Soon you will realise no amount of space is enough for your music.


By Blogger . : A : ., at 5:54 AM  

I have had mine for sometime but not really loaded it with too many songs. Bought this cool add-on called i-trip which allows me to listen to my ipod over an FM frequency in my car. So works like a remote as well saves the hastle of changing CDs etc etc.

By Blogger a guppie, at 11:11 AM  

whatever. taunt still remains. *bats eyelashes*

you'll only be happier i suppose, if i get blown up by the neighbours, or in case they hijack the flight and i end up in afghanistan. true innit?

By Blogger bluegreenflysplat, at 4:00 PM  

I am yet to meet/read anyone who has actually bought an iPod. They have all been gifted. Who are all these relatives and friends?? And more importantly, why aren't they my relatives and friends????

By Blogger the cowlick, at 7:49 PM  

I did buy mine in feb - to be outdated in six months - with the release of Nano & video ipod for the same price. :-(

By Blogger a guppie, at 9:50 PM  

More than 28 million Americans currently have some degree of hearing loss, from mild to severe, and the number is expected to soar in the coming years-reaching an astounding 78 million by 2030, Newsweek reports in its June 6 cover story (on newsstands Monday, May 30).

The iPOD generation is going DEAF!!

now that you know, you would obviously want to get rid of your iPod. You can simply courier it to me. I'll make sure it is destroyed in an environment friendly way. ;-)

By Blogger theLastJedi, at 12:01 AM  

hey I just got a Nano for myself. And no, no one gifted me :P Got it for myself :D

By Anonymous Truman, at 8:23 PM  

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