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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
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Pissed of at the hierarchy. Nothing happens the way it's supposed to. What the hell is the use of a plan then? You make up a theory, and then you make your subordinates run around so that the theory is completely negated. No use, whatsoever.

In the way, you end up feeling like a complete arsehole.

The name is Arse. Arse Hole.

I have friends telling me that I should take a deep breath. I have done that, all too often. I need to make phone calls. Nobody's going to help you if you don't help yourself. As much as I would like to believe something else, time and circumstances have hammered that into my head. I can't help it, then. God, I sound bitter. Angry and red. I'm all that. I had hope. A springboard, they told me.

Yea, right!


easy does it my dear friend.. the place you are at is terrible from that point of view.. and you not alone.. this is like a good time to switch... make the move if you can..

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