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Sunday, February 12, 2006
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The Black Horse

I've been quite busy in the evenings this past week, running away from work and not checking mails too much or answering blog comments... and that's because of the Kaalaa Ghodaa Arts Festival. Rather, as far as I'm concerned, the KG Movie Festival. Not that I'm some sort of a great arty movie afficiando, cuz I'm not, and thank god that the KGMF is nothing of the sort. In fact, I've had an argument with the Flatmate on this: she says that the point of a movie festival is to showcase arty movies that would not be seen otherwise, whereas, I've said that it's a movie festival if its shows people they would not have the time to see otherwise, and that can mean both arty stuff as well as the older commercial stuff.

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So, the movies I've seen so far:
1. Thelma and Louise.
2. My Fair Lady
3. and two more I can't recall the names of.

They've been good. If I say there were uplifting, I would sound awfully fake, but I'm still going to say that. And I hogged at the festival, as well. Went with Vahid, and hogged Burmese khouswey and common cotton candy from the roads... I also wanted to try paani puri, but the ones on Worli Sea Face will forever remain special for me, so I didn't try them out at KG. ;-) And I strolled through Rampart Row, looking at the great handicraft stuff and paintings they have on display there. But I'm cheap, so I found them mostly over priced.

Art. Nice, sometimes. When I can control the flow.

PS: I still can't get over the fact that they removed the statue of the black horse and rider from where the place gets its name, and made a parking lot in its place! Yech!


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