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Thursday, February 02, 2006
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I come from the land of politik

The idea was about Blog Politics. Which could actually mean a whole lot of things. There could be a couple (or more) blogs which could alternately dissect and dissert common topics... They could do the same to each other as well. There could be blogs looking at politics as well. Just the other day, I bumped into this blog called Warfornews, and almost everyone at the office was poring over the author's version of Times Now. Some of it was good, some of it not very flattering at all, and some were downright rude. Criticism. Yech. And then, maybe some praise. Yech again. WfN is basically about politics among TV channels, and by talking about all that, it's pretty obvious that WfN is not above the same. He's got his favourites: Barkha Dutt, the flaming candle of Indian journalism, among them.

I wonder if anyone remember's K's joke about the faming candle. ;-)

And then there are politics among blogs that basically compete with the same idea. Or that are run by the same person, with different ideas in mind. Like this one and Blog X. Blog X started out to encompass stuff which LIVINGhigh did not. Blog X became popular, and I loved it. Everyone loves to be a voyeur and see hidden things. I loved being the anonymous guy showing the voyeurs things that they never thought they wanted to see. But there's a limit to that. And that's where the blog politics started. LIVINGhigh gets neglected - but naturally - while Blog X thrives. Continues for ages. Not that I never had anything to write here... merely that, in my enthusiasm for Blog X, everything in my life was suffused with the X element. And so the story carried on.

What ended that phase? Partly, a loss of anonymity, a loss of supremacy. A space that is my own started feeling as if it was being shared. And I'm not good with sharing. Everyone knows that, and I'm the big egoistic prick. Welcome to egoland. It's not too bad a place to live in. Would I kill Blog X? No, I wouldn't. But I could pander to LIVINGhigh, and allow a renewed grey cell onslaught here. So, it's basically a question of giving into the schizophrenic side of you and your blogs. Talk and argue. Politik.



Plenty of ppl going through this blogger-identity dilemma out there...luckily I've been spared of blogger-world issues so far. The real world offers enough already...

Btw I so know what you mean when you say : in my enthusiasm for Blog X, everything in my life was suffused with the X element.
Was wondering how that doesn't bother you...that and being identified only with the X element by some ppl. Hope that X blog doesnt end all was fun dropping in once in a while, though I didn't participate much in the action there!

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