Livinghigh: Row, row, RIOT!!!
Monday, February 20, 2006
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Row, row, RIOT!!!

It seems so silly at first glance. A cartoonist draws something and it's published in paper. Some silly man on a pulpit decides its blasphemous, and suddenly people are dying everywhere across the world. It's not silly, really, as much as it is tragic. So many things that make it tragic.

1. One man decides that there's no other way he can make a cartoon other than to poke fun at a character sacred to so many people of a different Faith.

2. One man decides that one single image among all the various million images circulating the globe at any given time is utterly sacriligeous and this means that the world has no respect for the people of his Faith.

3. So many people of that faith actually follow that pulpit guy's theory and go on a rampage. Across the world.

4. People die. The cartoonist goes into hiding. Declares from his hole in the wall that he has full right to draw whatever he does, and he doesn't give a rat's ass about what pulpit guy and rampaging guys think. More people die.

Who's left holding the smoking gun here?

Cartoons are meant to be funny. But these are certainly not that.



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