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Thursday, April 06, 2006
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Go(a) Forth and Multiply...

Himesh Reshammiya is the God of Goa. From the bus which carried us into Goa, to the numerous pubs/beach shacks/lounge bars we frequented, he was crooning in his nasal voice about aashiqs and aashiqees, that made us grin. A touch of Bombay in idyllic, easy Goa.

Was so much fun zooming down the highways, from Baga Beach where we stayed, to Panjim and Old Goa, to Calengute and Candolim beaches, to Anjuna Beach and the Saturday Night Bazaar at Arpora, to Fort Aguado and Sim-something Beach. I'm not making much sense here - it was liberating to zoom on the bike with my shirt open - like the t-shirt stall owner commented, when Desparado picked out a sleeveless T that is meant for women elsewhere in the country - 'Goa pe sab chalta hain!' (Everything goes in Goa!) I grew self conscious the moment we boarded the bus back to Bombay, buttoning my shirt back on.

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I still haven't recovered from the Goa hangover, and neither has Desparado. Plans are afoot to visit the beach shack on Juhu this Friday, to recreate some of that feel and freedom. I shared candle-lit dinners with Desparado, and that's why it seemed so strange - we laughed and told each other, "No offence, I'm having a great time, but I wish I was in this dinner with someone else!" *grin*

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I can't help not talk about the itinerary, however boring it might be for people who haven't been to Goa, or however much it may tease those who have... But even while I think of listing it down, day by day, hour by hour, all of it merges into one single mass, and it's quite impossible to tell them apart. Maybe that's how good memories go. *beatific grin*

The theme of this trip was so obviously food. Food. Food means pork vindaloo at Britto's on Baga Beach, teamed up with saana, this Goan sweet idli thing which was simply yummy, and loads of beer and port wine. Food means beef chilly fry at night, at Souza Lobo's on Calengute Beach, candles and one-man band playing Goan music and all, and a slice of yummy yummy bibinca. Souza Lobo's again the day we left, with sizzling bibinca teamed with vanilla ice cream, and no wonder I'm gaining weight. (All the freebie lunches at the Hilton and Taj ahead will add to the calories!) And Food means watching the ocean play below you at Sea Pebble, in Dona Paula, on the outskirts of Panjim, eating papads stuffed with prawn, whole tandoori baby kingfish, and prawn curry-rice. And then, there was also the fish thaali at the Ritz in Panjim, with fried fish and MORE prawns and clams. ;-) It's a wonder I didnt sprout tentacles anywhere. The waiters were carrying around these trays of squids and pomfret and shrimps, and Desparado and I kept staring at them.

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Goans love colours. All those gorgeous houses on top of hills, bang opposite the oceanfront, in bright dual shades of red and white, burnt ochre and white, blues and white... etc etc... Yummy to see. There was Venite in Campal, in Panjim, grilled balconies with tables where couples were eating food. The Campal area is gorgeous... lined with old fashioned lightposts and shady trees, an old-world Marine Drive, but before you completely believe that, you see the Caravela, India's only floating (and otherwise) casino. The approach to Panjim is amazing - the bridge is huge and yawns over the waterways, and if you're coming at night, the lit-up ramparts of the Panjim coast, with the pleasure barges crisscrossing below, is amazing. Amazing to see all that when you're speeding across on a bike.

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Anjuna Beach is also amazing, if for different reasons. Desparado's eyes popped open as all the hot babes kept peeling off their tops to wade into the ocean or just sun bathe. Loads of idiot men came around purposely to watch free boobies, but who can blame them, really?! It's not as if the gals were feeling very self conscious. But I guess, it's really all about how everything 'goes' in Goa. It's almost like another country - a place where you can simply let... be! And no one bothers or gives a fuck.

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Wrong note to end the paragraph when I'm going to start talking about a Church.

*makes the sign of the cross hurriedly*

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The Basilica of Bom Jesus in Old Goa, and that's where the mortal remains of St Francis Xavier are interred. 15 years of Xaviers' and all, so I was pretty enthusiastic to go see it. It's pretty amazing. Lovely gold vaults, and arches. Desparado and I went mad taking snaps, and Desparado tried climbing a pulpit for a pic, but was shooed away by a priest. We got the snap, neverthelss!

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Your post got me nostalgic on GOA!
Goa trip was one of my BEST EVER!!!...would do anything to get back there now!

By Blogger Anand, at 10:11 AM  


I came across your blog while searching for GYM's in Lower Parel... Saw your post on Crunch! in Kamala Mills. Is it still around? Would be great if you can guide me to a couple of gym's in this area - thanks - Ajit

By Blogger Ajit Premkumar, at 4:22 PM  

anand - i know what u mean, dude! ;-)

ajit - crunch, eh? mmm... did i blog abt crunch? how strange!

By Blogger livinghigh, at 6:02 PM  

Goa .... aaaahhhh Heaven ooohhh

By Blogger Viewer, at 8:08 PM  

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