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Monday, May 22, 2006
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Switched off lights at 8 pm to mark Black Day. Say NO to quotas. Someone asked me that on my orkut group today, what my stand was on reservations. I was surprised she needed to - didn't all the tags on my orkut page and my blog say enough?

Reservations only on economics. Don't propagate caste by dividing along caste.

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Was watching a special on the Quota issue the other day, and there was this sociologist asking a YFE spokesman whether he had ever encountered caste problems in his life. He had not. The sociologist went on to say that while, he or I or any of us in the city may not understand what the big deal about caste was, it was a reality in India's villages. Hence, the need for quotas. Sometimes, people speak such bunkum. Caste is a reality in the village - so how will booking 50% in India's cities' elite colleges help them? Does the sociologist imagine that all the OBC/SC/STs newly 'educated' will then return to the village to spread the gospel truth of castelessness? Naive ass. No one ever returns. Alright, judging from the Swadesh experience, very few return.

Caste is a problem in the village, so why not tackle it at the grassroots level? Take teachers to the villages, organise special schools, organise morchas at the district level where the problem is really so deep. This is Bombay. Here, people don't have the time to check their watch while rushing to work - you honestly think they have the time to check the caste of the person next to them? Watch a Bombay local train: everyone hangs together, pushes together, stays together. Screw caste.

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So tackle the problem where it is important. Not where you screw hapless innocents.

What gets me the most, is that you stick up for your gumptions, you are automatically labelled as an autocrat, someone who doesn't believe in equality. Just because I don't want quotas based on caste, they say I'm someone who doesn't believe in equality. Screw you. I believe in equality. That's why I hate the idea of reservations. The damn politics can go hang.


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Grey clouds over Bombay yesterday. Amazing sight. Makes me think of Delhi, for some reason. And no, not just because of the quota controversy. Would be so amazing to have it rain soon. O, wait, it did. It rained last night. Late last night, just before going to bed, and there was the rushing noise of rain. *wide grin*

I'm a kid at times. I wail like one. I complain like one. I love like one. I smile like one.


Lovely pic man. Reminds me of Delhi myself somehow.

The momentum is building slowly, too slowly but..

Viva la resistance!

By Anonymous jEDI, at 4:35 AM  

i don't understand one can one ask for equality by asking for special treatement (read reservation).

if there has to be some semblence to equality, there should be no reservations...not based on caste or even gender. place all on a common platform...

By Blogger mizfit, at 6:27 PM  

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