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Wednesday, May 03, 2006
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Climbing every mountain, and quite sick of it!

God is misguided. Chiefly, because he allowed my beautiful new child, my labour of love and money, Laptop, to get a virus, when there're soooo many other inferior laptops that don't get infected even when they operate ages and ages without an antivirus.

As a result, I'm screwed.

Got the nice guys at the office IT department to reload my Windows XP, but now the damn drivers are a pain. Downloading them from the net and all. Boohooooo... and now, they also tell me that getting a bloody anti-virus will cost me a coupla grand! HORRORS! I'm poooooor, so poooooorrrr - doesn't God, misguided though he is, understand that?!


Saw this really crummy movie the other night, Darna Zaroori Hai. Aaaa, ummm.. ok, not that crummy - just crummy, considering that I'd wanted to see Ice Age 2 or Pink Panther. Stooopid bro went off to see PP on Sunday without me, and when I went over to Bandra to catch IA 2.0, the bloody theatre was booked housefull. An energetic but bumbling friend suggested I approach 'the black man', but I desisted. Not my style. Petite prick that I am.

So, DZH is a sequel to Darna Mana Hai, and both are about six ghosty-wosty stories tied up in one. Pah! DZH has a scaredy cat granma and five irritating kids who I was glad to see killed off. I'm not a very nice person to know, sometimes. Especially, if you're underage. I made a concession for Karma, and now you expect me to make it 24-7?!

Hah! Fat chance!

*sigh* This is a horrid post. And I didn't even do the dumb quiz that Raghav tagged me with.


and why didnt u ?

By Blogger Raghav, at 8:59 AM  

bastardo! we cud hav saw da movie >:(

By Anonymous energetic but bumbling friend, at 7:44 PM  

i can understand the pain of having something go wrong with ur laptop/PC. John Lappy's (my laptop's name), CD writer is posing minor trouble. not good. not good.

By Blogger mizfit, at 4:06 PM  

Never ignore the advice of elders.
Use Protection!! :P

Honestly, though when it comes to viruses (of any kind) prevention is better than cure. There is some free antivir around but even if you had to invest in some, it would be money well spent. Worth every penny.

By Anonymous theLastJedi, at 12:48 AM  

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