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Thursday, May 11, 2006
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Nothing much, but love

The idea of having a blog is about deliberation. Confessions, also. Soothing oneself. Telling oneself that you're quite ok. I'm a hopeless sycophant of myself. I tell myself, it's ok to be that way when it's your blog. It helps when there are not too many people around, and you can indulge yourself as much as you want, without looking/seeming/reading foolish.

So that's what I do.

Wear a clown cap or a white sheet and weep. Not always that dramatic. Sometimes, quite ludicrous. Sometimes, I feel helpless. That's when I write some drivel like this that doesn't make sense to anyone but me. That's the best part about making something completely about YOU. That's the best part about reading messages from a cell phone that are meant only for MY ears and brains and comprehension.

30 Dec, 11.42 am: Thots of u mk me smile muah
31 Dec, 12.22 am: I miss holdin u sleepin without u will b weird
1 Jan, 2.17 am: i m fallin in luv
1 Jan, 7.25 am: i miss u crazy cant imagine how i will survive once i go back i m very serious about us
1 Jan, 7.34 am: As long as we remain focusd and patient we can mk this work
1 Jan, 8.36 am: My cousin just askd me how come i have a glow on my face babe u r always on my mind muah
5 Jan, 1.42 am: I can't be away from u can we spend the night 2gether
8 Jan, 7.28 pm: I want u 2 b a part of my life 4 ever
10 Jan, 8.02 am: Mornin babe I luv u 2 i missed u by my side day is just startd openin my eyes with ur msg is nice luv u
10 Jan, 8.07 pm: U r silly u r my sexy sizzlin sweety i miss u crazy luv u
11 Jan, 2.49 pm: U r on my mind i miss u bad luv u lotz i m stayin till the 29th i miss holdin u and seein ur smile u r beautiful
12 Jan, 8.40 pm: That must have been fun we will mk our own music when i get back
15 Jan, 2.26 pm: I luv u 2 miss u and cant wait 2 b in ur arms and mk luv 2 u
18 Jan, 7.51 pm: Sat we will stay in a hotel in colaba
20 Jan, 12.48 am: U r the reason behind my smile luv u lots
22 Jan, 1.19 am: U r my world i luv u
23 Jan, 7.20 pm: Miss u crazy luv u madly
25 Jan, 11.13 pm: I luv u 2 miss u crazy
27 Jan, 9.25 am: I luv u crazy
1 Feb, 1.27 pm: i luv u
5 Feb, 7.16 pm: I luv the way u get excitd and adore u u r my life
5 Feb, 7.21 pm: I luv u madly it is a nice movie miss u
7 Feb 5.42 pm: I luv u alot ur call made me smile muah
12 Feb, 11.43 pm: Awwww love u
14 Feb, 8.03 am: Happy valentines sugarplum tried callin but no ans I am online now
14 Feb, 11.04 am: How you doing! Haha i remember you like this phrase. I will say it in personwhen i meet you. Well, i'm studying hard, so don't worry. Love you to eternity
14 Feb, 11.08 am: Off 2 bed miss u u r my shinin star
14 Feb, 10.11 pm: Hi sweety i luv u in a meeting miss u
24 Feb, 9.08 am: Luv u
28 Feb, 2.58 pm: Please tell me u r jokin babe i will call ur nite time
28 Feb, 3.05 pm: love you mad
2 Mar, 1.03 pm: on plane bk home luv u
3 Mar, 8.47 pm: Luv u 2
3 Mar, 10.46 pm: We will be together
4 Mar, 10.48 am: My comps batt died can't get online sorry read my mail good luck with the interview luv u
8 Mar, 12.49 am: Love u more than i can say
8 Mar, 12.56 am: U make me wanna jump & dance u r laughter gives music 2 my life the kisses u planted on me felt passionate ur love is what makes me luv u crazy
9 Mar, 12.13 am: Love u
9 Mar, 8.17 pm: Everythin ok?
12 Mar, 10.06 am: Nite nite love u crazy
13 Mar, 8.50 pm: Luv u 2
15 Mar, 10.22 am: happy holi sugar i m online now
15 Mar, 10.45 am: I luv u alot will call tomo when i get a card
16 Mar, 8.59 pm: She hasnt noticed it
19 Mar, 8.32 pm: Luv u
21 Mar, 8.54 pm: I wont be able to talk chk my mail luv u
22 Mar, 12.47 am: Luv u 2 heart throb
25 Mar, 11.24 am: I luv u 2 death
27 Mar, 11.55 pm: I luv u too muah
30 Mar, 12.43 am: I did send u a msg earlier luv u motya
30 Mar, 12.44 am: Muah i m enjoyin my chkn marsala
2 Apr, 8.45 pm: Luv u 2 2 2 2 2
10 Apr, 5.48 am: That was so sweet i m urs 4 ever
11 Apr, 9.48 pm: i m busy cant call now will email later i luv u
13 Apr, 12.21 am: U r my world and i truely luv u lots
13 Apr, 12.26 am: Still in meetin i will call ur morning time S is still wid me and we r 2 hours from home luv u loads
15 Apr, 7.53 pm: wantd to wish u a very happy new yr i have emailed u cant use phone 4 long as its roamin and costin alot luv u
24 Apr, 6.50 am: Phone card over. lv u
24 Apr, 10.07 pm: No sugar meetin S and my prof after that sorry luv u
28 Apr, 8.36 pm: Will try we luv u 2 mua n lick

Yes yes, I know I'm pathetic cuz I actually wrote them down from the phone. But being in love is a marvellous feeling. *grin*


Jeeez Man!
Your cellphone sure does hold a lot of msgs!
What happens when its time to delete some? ;) Are you planning to get a new one then? hehe.. Well, probably not! You already wrote most of them down!

Whats happening lovebird? :D


By Blogger theLastJedi, at 2:46 AM  

awww........... :)

By Anonymous black tulip, at 10:51 PM  

thats it, its settled. love is responsible for the decline
of the English....err, lingo?


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:13 PM  

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