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Wednesday, June 14, 2006
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Critics' Bane

I've been writing. Or rather, I did some writing last week while we were at Saputara, and I've posted them on cyberspace now. This is just some cross-posting publicity here! ;-) Some little part where I get to act the great big author and write what I thought about while making those stories.

Indulge me!

Number One is this piece called The Fairy Catcher, which is there at Caferati, seen through the eyes of the protagonist and a secondary character, the obligatory and anonymous friend. The story of a man who loves and loves and loves and loves, and makes no apologies about it. How mired in reality is it? Aaa, well, that would be kissing and telling, wouldn't it? But I would be lying if I didn't say there's a part of me in this silly protagonist who falls in love with fairies, and never tries to hold onto them when they flit away from his grasp. And then, perhaps, I've reversed my fairy-luck of late, and found love? O, yes, I've found Love. *grin*

And so, here is the obligatory excerpt:
The fairy is sitting astride me now. Looking at me with cat eyes in the dark. The lake is a short distance away. The grass is scratching my back and bum, and I'm vaguely aware of the discomfort, but they don't really compare to the anticipation of this - the fairy sitting astride me.

"You'll destroy me," I tell it, but the fairy never cares. Never does. Fairies are cruel creatures.

"I'm not cruel. No more, no less, than you are. I flit. I float. I sit. I ride," and the damn thing grins. I fall in love with the damn apparition when I see the grin. The most beautiful thing in the world. Ethereal.

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Number Two is a touch of idiotic dialogue I had great fun in concocting up: Giving The Boot. That's why I didn't presesnt it to the Noble Minds at Caferati - it was so silly, writing this down, so much throwing arrows in the dark, a weird bantering with four imaginary friends. But perhaps I will submit it to Caferati at a later stage. What spun this whole tale? Quite simply, a song that was playing on my laptop at the moment, and I thought a silly adolescent discussion should and must take place on this. Does the narrative actually go anywhere? Well, that could be anyone's guess, really. If you were to be highbrowed, you could say that it's a discussion on sexual rights and sexual interpretations... or maybe something like a study on youth or some such drivel. ;-) Or , you could call it, quite simply, Drivel. ;-)

Appy, mutters to herself: "I like S&M. I like kinky."

Part of me is listening to what Appy said, and feels happy cuz she's really hot and sexy, but the other part of me is distracted by Sid the Fag’s sudden outburst: "Straight men are morons! They run after chicks canoodling themselves and can't stand it if gay men do it! Double standards! EFFing double standards!"

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straight men have a weird phobia
i guess they are sacred about their reaction what if they actually enjoy it

By Blogger madsnow, at 9:45 PM  

Good to see you back writing. You should definitely do it more often.

Heading straight to caferati and gabbles after this!


By Anonymous jedi, at 8:01 PM  

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