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Sunday, June 25, 2006
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Feet fetish

Was sitting with someone I'd met lately at JATC and that's when I bump into someone I used to know well a long time back. So we chatted up, exchanged notes about what who is doing, where he's doing it at, who with, and yadayadayada to boot. It was fun, I suppose, but I felt as I was playing a part. The highly social person part, not something I'm completely at ease with. I'd told the Love once, how we're so completely different in that way: put the Love in a roomfull of strangers and within 30 minutes they'll all become good buddies, but I'm in my best element dealing with small groups, twos and threes. So here I was, chatting with this old friend, flashing my pearly whites and talking about mutual friends and acquaintances and wishing that he would soon go away. Not that I hate him or anything - just felt stranging, putting on this silly act.

Tired of acting, after awhile.

So, today, while driving back from lunch, brother darling answers a phone call from someone at his office, and when this chap aplogises for calling on a Sunday, bro answers magnanimously "No issues!" - only to mutter "Jackass!" after the phone is switched off. I grinned and accused him of being a hypocrite then, and a game of Tickles ensues in the car. Hypocrite, eh? And hey look, who's poised to enter the sexy world of PR now! ;-) Sometimes, I wonder whether I think at all before I open my big mouth wide. Tasting my own foot has almost become a habit these days.

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welcome to the club ;)

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