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Thursday, June 08, 2006
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1. The word snatch is slang for the female vulva. Remember coming across it the first time in a Hadley-Chase novel. Yes, I used to read that stuff ocne upon a time.

2. Computers are fickle creatures. But some of my friends are worse. There's a friend who turned all slutty one day, then decidedly polished, and then finally, completely chaste with the evil intentions still simmering underneath the surface in case a younger person comes ambling along. And then there's the other friend who used to be gung-ho on design, but is now embarking on a job of sales, but secretly wants to go in for PR.

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3. I read the newspapers for sleaze these days. Rahul Mahajan is interesting to read about. The President going WHEEEE!!! on a Sukhoi is fun. Ronaldinho's girl friend posing in teeny weeny swimsuits for the World Cup is cute. The Ambanis can go jump in the pool, for all I care.

4. Too many files and papers around me. Applying to US colleges is a horrible chore that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. And yet, for the sake of Love, here I am.

5. I love seeing myself on TV. I'm an egoitic prick. But hey, I'm also a lazy one. So I hate the idea of rushing out to do a package at 4 pm, which is supposed to run between 6-7 pm, and rush from one department in the office to another, getting this cut and that done... Watching the final product on air is satisfying, yes, but WTF happens to my shooting blood pressure?!

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6. I'm a greedy glut. I love fine eating and fine dining. I also love going to these cheesy little joints when I'm in the mood and gulping down something that you would not find anywhere else. Like paranthas at Delhi's Chandni Chawk. Or faloodas at Mumbai's Crawford Market. Or Honey Chicken at Calcutta's Krystal Chopsticks. Or chocolate mousse at Chennai's Sweet Chariots. Love calls me motya.

7. I've never used a fire extinguisher. I would like to, some day. At no personal risk, however. Always be careful what you wish for.

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8. I'm actually a sex maniac. Not many people see me that way. Not many, except the people I sleep with. I'm grinning now, wondering what this flamboyant little nugget is doing here, tucked away as no. 8 in this otherwise silly post. Freudian slip? But then, I'm hardly that stupid.

9. I haven't written stories in ages. But then, the other day, I sat at home with my laptop and punched out a couple of what you could call short stories. I would call them 'dialogue' instead. I prefer dialogue to life. A story seems dry without it. Dialogue can also be impersonal, without quotes. I prefer stuff like that. People can be sucked into following a dialogue, that's because everybody is a voyeur. But then, if that dialogue doesn't lead anywhere, people tend to be more disappointed than they would have, in a story without the dialogue trail.

10. I decided to write only ten snatches here. My mind is mad. But wait, that could only be my humongous ego telling myself that I'm mad. M-A-D.


Greatly enjoyed the snatches..


By Anonymous theLastJedi, at 1:08 PM  

he he he...i see a lot of myself in ur 'snatches'...a good post by the way!

By Blogger mizfit, at 2:11 PM  

came to ur blog after reading the short story posted at Caferati (the one on fairies)

where can read more of that wonderful stuff?

By Blogger Swathi, at 2:11 PM  

jedI - o yes,... VERY egoistic! *disarming grin*

mizfit - thanx!

swathi - thanz for dropping by, swathi, and thanx also for the compliment! u can check out my fiction blog at

By Blogger livinghigh, at 8:40 PM  

hmmm foodie yes sex maniac "friend"
would give hand and foot for it
grin but working on int grin

By Blogger madsnow, at 9:49 PM  

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