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Sunday, August 20, 2006
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Fusion Foodie

I'm a foodie who likes to experiment with food. The funny thing is, I'm mostly surrounded by people who're not. So the other day, while calling over some people for my birthday bash, I served up some raspberry flavoured grape spritzer to go with the vodka, which inevitably drew comments like 'why raspberry flavoured, if it's grape spritzer???', and I just found it too hard to explain that the concoction smelled of raspberry but tasted of grape, and how there were many other important reasons behind the existance of the drink, besides. Guppie wrinkled his nose in distaste, and handed his share of the spritzer-vodka mixture to Aristera, who actually liked it. But then, Aristera served vodka with hibiscus extract juice at his birthday soiree some months back, so that wasn't a great surprise.

Other experimentations I tried out at my li'l party:
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This afternoon, I had a conversation with my boss, where I admitted that I liked to try different types of food and play around with it, while he said he was a staunch conservative

Livinghigh: "Boss, you bring cold coleslaw and carrots for lunch everyday from work but inevitably order in food when we do so. What's the use then?"

Boss, chomping into his chola-bhatura: *something unintelligable*

Livinghigh, chirpily eating uttapam: "So, hey, what kinda food do ya like? Do you like mixing and matching stuff?"

Boss, alarmed at what kind of a freak he's hired: "Umm... no. I stick to the tried and tested. Don't have the constitution for that stuff."

Livinghigh, mixing sambhar and chutney together: "You ever tried sushi?"

Boss, turning green: "Do you mind? I;m trying to eat here!"

Of course, I'm not a great proponent of sushi either, but then I like to jerk people's chains now and then a bit. Like when I suggested to my flatmate that if she's fed up of the Bengali dabba she gets everynight, she could opt for a Maharashtrian or Gujarati one. To which, my staid ole flattie gets all nostalgic and says: "Nooooo.. I hate Marathi or Gujju veg food! I only love my veggies Bong style. And only potatoes and lady's fingers please, for me!"

But then, there's hope for her yet. Just when I thought that she will live forever on her diet of potatoes and lady's finger (cooked Bong-style) till the day she dies, she surprises me by smearing pineapple jelly on some of the left-over Malwani vades from my bday bash, and proceeding to chomp on it.


wish u a very very happy beleated
birthday. Hope u are doing well.

By Blogger madsnow, at 5:39 PM  

My ex is notorious for mixing up odd foods. I'm a bit more cautious but I wont hesitate to add some masala to my mayo. Try it. Adds a nice kick to any sandwich.

By Blogger Ameet, at 12:45 AM  

Absoluttely love the dessert idea.

How can one NOT like the idea of mixing sambhar and chutney


PS Finally back from hibernation

By Blogger F-cubed, at 11:04 AM  

madsnow - thanks!

ameet - masala mayo! NIIIICE!!! ;-)

viraf - hehehe.. i believe ure quite a maniac in de kitchen ureself! lol. ure fame precedes ya!

By Blogger livinghigh, at 1:15 PM  

did u watch this whole telgi tapes

By Blogger madsnow, at 9:22 PM  

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