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Monday, August 07, 2006
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Phone Love

My phone, unfortunately, is not God. Its silver finish is peeling off, it's getting a bit cantankerous these days and hanging a bit too at times, so it's definitely not omnipotent. And it's memory is no great shakes, either. Which is why, after a strange exercise three months ago, of storing some special sms' in blog-form so that I could free up some operational space on my cell, I find myself doing the same again.

I think of them as fragile footsteps in the sand, in the journey we've taken by the ocean? Corny? Terribly so. But then, I'm made that way. I come in no other version. ;-)

13 May, 9.43 pm: Yum mua
25 May, 6.36 pm: Just got the messages. lv u
28 May, 12.24 am: I luv u
30 May, 12.08 am: Aww i luv u
1 Jun, 8.44 pm: Luv u mua
2 Jun, 2.49 am: Luv u
3 Jun, 12.17 am: Mua
4 Jun, 6.26 pm: Hi figurd thts why i couldnt get thru miss u
6 Jun, 6.09 pm: Tried callin on my way 2 work will call tomo mornin now luv u
7 Jun, 8.59 am: Ya tried im so sleepy now have a very early mornin, i will call on my way 2 work. luv u. couldnt email. its been a long day nite!
12 Jun, 6.18 pm: Love u. tried callin. no answer. miss u
23 Jun, 12.35 am: U r my shinin star
25 Jun, 10.00 pm: Luv u. ur talkin 2 much is the essence of my life. ur bubbly voice energizes me
29 Jun, 9.29 am: Happy anniversary luv
30 Jun, 7.56 p,: Luv u
3 Jul, 5.44 pm: Aww. hope u r ok. luv u
4 Jul, 6.23 pm: Luv u. have emailed.
6 Jul, 6.14 pm: Luv u 2
13 Jul, 5.42 pm: I luv u loads. u bring energy 2 my life
13 Jul, 9.48 pm: Thinkin about u
15 Jul, 9.45 pm: I luv u
22 Jul, 1.12 am: In another meetin. tired. luv u
23 Jul, 5.40 pm: Luv u 2
7 Aug, 11.10 pm: Luv u

It's ok to be maudlin. Especially, when you're in a long distance relationship. Especially when you wish things could have been easier, but honestly would rather have it any with Love, rather than no way at all.


Does that make sense?


aaaawwww sssoooooooo sssshwwweeetttt!!

By Blogger Viewer, at 3:13 AM  

"it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all..."

sugery sms's ....i didn't know guys did that!nice.

By Blogger mizfit, at 3:05 PM  

viewer - lol, *blush blush*

mizfit - hehehe. only the mushheads.

By Blogger livinghigh, at 12:32 AM  

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