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Wednesday, August 23, 2006
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The X-factor

Sitting at home and listening to 107.1 FM, Aakashbani - they play English songs at night, the only FM radio station nowadays that plays it, since GO 92.5 FM turned into its crass avatar Radio One (hit pe hit pe hit pe hit - feel like SMACKING them hard!). Nice songs, actually, but the RJ 's completely incompetent. Sounds like she's reading from a second standard children's text book in class.

She probably is.


OK, so here's the bomb: I liked KANK. I cried. I'm a moron, I admit. I can't help it. Karan Johar always makes movies that excite my tear ducts, and before you know it, you have all these copious tears running down my face. *sigh* And while everyone in the world cried themselves hoarse saying that the movie didn't make sense, that there was absolutely no frikkin' reason why SRK and Rani would leave their respective perfect spouses, I beg to disagree.

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I understand why they did it. I may not like the characters, but I empathise. I mean, the first ten minutes of the movie, I totally hated SRK's character - he's just mean and crabby and takes it all out on his kid - o, wait a sec, I don't like kids either, and besides, SRK's kid in the movie is a complete retard from some farflung galaxy that should have remained undiscovered - and Preity is just so completely fuck-all as the Power Babe. Aaaa, but then, even if I didn't like his character in the movie, I realised that that's what he's supposed to be. That's what both of them are supposed to be - lost, sad, distant, incomplete with their spouses - and somehow, fulfilled, with each other. That's what KANK is supposed to be about.

And what the fu** makes them complete, I hear the cynics mutter. Well, to put it simply: Passion. I hear people say all the time, "There's no reason for her to leave Abhishek - he's perfect!", but then, haven't you ever done that? Haven't you ever left someone because you just didn't feel the... zing in it? The so-called X-factor? Or don't so-called adults, reeking of Maturity, do that? I know I have. I know I've agonised over it. Wondered why on earth I had to leave so-and-so when it was going so... stable... and then I realsied that Stable just isn't good enough. I wanted the BAM. Isn't it permissable to look for the BAM in your love anymore?

The only thing I felt was weird, was how both SRK and Rani tell their spouses about the affair - but then, add that they're willing to work for the marriage now! I mean: WHY??? They've already tried so hard to work on the marriage - recall the face-gloop and the S&M episodes - so WTF were they thinking of, when they added that little caveat in their confession?!

Johar slipped up on this one. Methinks, some silly concession to Weeny Li'l Indian Family Values.


All said and done, I lurrrrrrrved the part where Preity slaps SRK when he comes clean to her.


And while on KANK, this is hilarious. Nutty, sad, strange and hilarious!!!!


chalo i am not the only one around
people came and asked me ho0w i could cry while watching something like that . but i love it i could
totally undersatnd what rani was
going through marriage is not about
a compromise its about having no
space for comprmise.

By Blogger madsnow, at 3:28 PM  

I dont know why...

I still dont agree, I think every marriage does have problems and you have to adjust.

If every couple starts thinking that they have found their true love having an xtra marital affair marriages all over will be so fake...

I think rani had a perfect wedding except a few adjustments from her end, preity did her best as well but these two jerks were so stuck up in their own... anyways...

By Blogger Shack me Up !!!!, at 4:45 PM  

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