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Sunday, September 24, 2006
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Calorific Value of a Sunday

Lazy Sunday morning and I've got a terrible headache (engendered by a terrible cold) and a terrible hangover (engendered by a terribly great party last night). Potent combination. But I grinned through tandoori chicken and mutton khichda this morning because food, after all, is what we live for, and I hogged through the kulfi-falooda and the gelato that came after that as well. O, well, gelato at least is supposed to be 94% fat-free.

Note to self: must stop counting calories.

Larger note to self: Are ya kiddin' yerself, moron?! Have ya looked at the mirror lately?!

Schizophrenic brain battles between the bulge and the beautiful, even as the papers go haywire on the topic of Spanish models not allowed to be stick-thin anymore. They say, it's all about propagating the right values. So, you wouldn't want your daughter/ son to look like a dead tree, about ready to collapse from its own (negligible) weight. But then, you also wouldn't like him/ her to look like the typical obese American. Move over McDonalds and KFC, Hello 94% fat-free gelato. At least, that's what Mumbai seems to say.

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... cuz the truth is: there's no such thing as low-fat Indian food. Was at the Hilton recently on an event and, as usual, I hogged on the potatoes and the paneer and the kaali dal and the chicken and the mutton and the chocolate mousse and the rabdi, and during the pigfest, I turned towards a colleague and wondered aloud, how much weight I'd gained after getting this job.

That's when the imbecile puts on a worried face and says, "Actually, I've lost weight after getting this job." Aaaa well, what does he know ? - silly flunky who jumps around when orders are barked at him - he's supposed to get stressed out and lose weight.

I just realised, I sound like a horrible human being in the last para. Looks like I'm not losing my touch after all! ;-)


i like the chunky types too but i've been told i look even older in them. loved the shades.

by the way, how do you do the "who're you?" widget thing on your blog? its cool.

By Blogger Xill-e-Ilahi, at 1:40 AM  

I have no idea how people like sweets and ice creams and the like. Beats me.

By Blogger Casablanca, at 12:40 PM  

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