Tuesday, October 17, 2006
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Not exactly hair-raising, but...!

Last Saturday, I decided that enough was enough, a haircut was in order, and trooped into one referred to me by a friend, right opposite Churchgate station, on my way home from work. To tell the truth, it looked like a Hair Factory. A haircutting, facewashing, bodymassaging factory where time is money and money is time, and if you can't make up your mind about what you want the miracle workers to do for you within the first ten seconds of walking in, then you don't really deserve any of the nicer things in life and you can go hang - or at the very least, go to the end of the queue.

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Ok, so it wasn't quiiiite like this, but I love this silly old pic from that great 0ld Western in the sky, so I used it. Instead, imagine two long rows of barbers and their charges, and in the middle, there's a long seating area for you to sit and wait your turn. And all the barbers are snip-snipping away - all twenty or so of them. Sweatshop meets Snipshop!

But, of course, as I walked out after paying a paltry Rs 55, I decided to come by some other time - my usual place in Bandra charges around Rs 85. Actually, even that is a step down from my very first salon/saloon in Bombay - in Khar, charging around Rs 150. And while some of my well-coiffured friends would argue that Rs 150 is negligible for a good haircut (I know of a place in Lokhandwalla that charges Rs 350 for one!), I decided to go easy on my wallet.

After all, consider what I came from:
Cost of a haircut in Delhi - Rs 50
Cost of a haircut in Chennai - Rs 30
Cost of a haircut in Calcutta - Rs 15

In Economics Theory, we call this the Law of Diminishing Returns


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