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Wednesday, October 11, 2006
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Operation Conversion

Been thinking for quite some time on whether or not I should switch to Blogger Beta, but since I realised that I have to start a whole new account, a whole new blog, etc etc etc, I decided it was simply not worth all that trouble to just get in a couple of 'categories'. Category viewing is undoubtedly fun, but then, I can just imagine sifting through all the archives, hunting, hunting, hunting.... back-breaking stuff. Gaahh!

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But, when my colleague announced that she wanted to start blogging, after watching me spend at least 2 hrs of my 8 hr workday blogging/checking out blogs/ commenting, I decided to open an account for her on Beta. Let her have fun with those 'categories' if she wants to. So then, we sat down, poring over possible blog names and account names, and even though she hit on a pretty catchy sounding name for her blog, she can't decide on a user name. Her real name is just too popular, and she hates the idea of having a user name like archana8206 or something like that, which makes her seem like a pretty obsolete robot. So, we were stuck - we are stuck - and the new Beta account never got made.

They say that of all the millions of blogs out there that do get made, most of them are abandoned by their owners pretty fast. That's not to say that only the techno geeks maintain regular blogs - hell, even the sorry-ass whiney kinds like me do it. But, most, however, get bored or disenchanted or use that silly old line: "I have nothing to write about". Some people hate writing about what they consumed for breakfast and some people don't eat breakfast in the first place - no, I'm not a diet per se, just never had the time to indulge in breakfast when I'm dashing late to work in the mornings - and so that blog usually ends up being... to use a culinary metaphor, half-baked.

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Of course, that's not to say that I'm the most prolific blogger in the universe. Nach! But it feels funny to realise, after a point of time, that the guys you started out blogging with have kind of slackened and don't post much anymore, ("much" = never), and that most of the links you have at the side of your page lead to blogs that saw their last post in December 2005.

And that makes you bug your colleague over and over again, even when she's not that enthsiastic, to come up with a proper user name she can employ.


Most of what you have said is right. It is true, in fact, I have noticed blogs, many of them in fact, biting the dust. Truth is, it was bound to happen. The blog rush was (I dare say, is) in many ways similar to that late 90s rush of opening email accounts only that, its much difficult to maintain one, to always have energy, time and most importantly, inclination to write.

Meanwhile your colleague could check out livejournal and typepad. These are some of the good (and one of the oldest) blog hosting services.

By Anonymous Truman, at 7:54 PM  

Hi, stumbled upon your blog through your comment on someone else's blog. Don't remember whose blog it was, had too many tabs opened. Nice Blog!

By Blogger Prasann, at 11:14 PM  

ah! so many of my frndz started their blogs. now they rust in peace. the blogs, not my friends,ie. the inclination to write is so essential!
i have some blog corpses on my blog roll...sentimentalist that i am, i smtimes like some blogs so much that i refuse to take them of once they are dead and passed over.

i think it's time 4 me to visit my shrink.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:19 PM  

truman - naaaaa. i remain faithful to lol, and besides, we still ahvent sat down to make dat blog for her!!!

prassann - thanks for coming by, man.

mizfit - hehehe.. i know what u mean. i like to look at de corpses myself - nostalgia et al.

By Blogger livinghigh, at 12:51 AM  

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