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Thursday, November 09, 2006
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Food For Thought

I talk a lot about food, and Mad Bawi told me this afternoon, while walking back to the office post-lunch, "Going by the way you love eating, it's a wonder you aren't fat!"

Wanted to hug her then. Not fat. Not FAT. NOT F-A-T. Now I know how Eliza Dolittle felt when she twirled to I could have danced all night...!

Thanks to the Mad Bawi's finicky eating tastes, our staple lunch joint these days is this Parsi place called Ideal Corner in Fort. It's got a charming ambience, busy waiters, cutesy little wall lamps and the most de-lish Parsi cuisine. Before getting hooked onto Ideal, I used to be a regular at Cafe Military behind the Bombay Stock Exchange and Cafe New Excellsior near the lenegdary Sterling Cinema... so yes, I know a thing or two about Parsi food.

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Like, how to eat the yummiest dhansak (pictured above) and soak up all the dal with extra pav, when the portion of caramelised rice is over. I love the different kinds of bread Ideal and Military offer - the former has the usual Marathi pav bread, while the latter has the old-world baked loaf variety. And if you thought that dhansak is all there is to Parsi food, you're sorely mistaken: enter chickan salli boti (chicken masala with fried chips), dhan dar patia (gravy with dal and rice), keema fry and of course the all-too-famous patra ni macchi (which almost reminds me of the good ole Bong paturi style of cooking!).

Ideal also serves up these amazing desserts, ranging from the yummiest bread and butter pudding, to the caramel custard (down there), to the divine chocolate mousse that the Bawi swears by.

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And so far, I thought it was only Gujjus and Bongs who had the Sweet Tooth Syndrome - Parsis come in the list too.

Talking about Gujju's, the other day we were stuck without electricity in the office for a freak two hours, and we all decided to go try some authentic Gujju thali at Chetana's, on Kaala Ghoda. As a bonafide animal-eater, I found the price of Rs 250 for a veg thali exorbitant when I paid the bill - but then, I had no idea that was what it cost when I decided to eat - and I'm glad I didn't. The food was awesome - and by the end of the meal, we could hardly walk - I must have put on at least two kilos after that meal!

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It's a whole ceremony, really. First, enter the chhaas or the aam sharbat. Next comes the chilli-milli (a dhokla-kind of snack - very tangy and tasty), followed by some samosa-looking thing. Papad and salad of course, and then come the little bowls full of veggies - mixed veg, corn, and potato, and the two bowls of dal (sweet, of course!) and the kadhi. The rotis are served piping hot, dripping in liberal amounts of ghee, and there's also rice and khichdi to boot. And when you're done finishing this mammoth course, there's dessert - piping hot gulab jamun and creamy custard with fruits.



I used to like your writing style. You had a crisp, precise edge, but when you start using phrases like "mad Baawi" you make me wonder if you are loosing it.

Why are you being repetitive?

Why use two words when one is enough?

Why say "Mad Baawi" when just saying "Baawi" would have said it all.

In all these years have you ever met a Baawi that was NOT mad?

Are you trying to be rude by implying that there may be Baawis out there who are Sane.

Viraf - A "Baawaa"

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:53 AM  

What up? Been a long time.

Man I hate you right now for bringing up food. That too when I'm so far away from sweet home food.

I must say I didnt know much abt Parsi food. This has been educational :)

Hope u'r doing well.

By Anonymous jedi, at 5:30 PM  

viraf - i showed ure comment to the Mad Bawi and she's out right now, hiring head hunters. :)

jEDI - heyyy! sauntered over to ure space just the other day, dude, to check out what u were upto... so, when are ya getting back (if at all)...n how come u dont blog much these days?

By Blogger livinghigh, at 7:34 PM  

Head hunting!!! Yipee Yippee Yaaahhhh!!!

I hope that she will be sucessful in her search for a new top end. I am so sure that it will be better than the one she has at the moment.

Sorry No names - This could get UGLY!!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:16 PM  

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