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Sunday, November 12, 2006
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I've got an uninvited and completely unexpected guest in my flat. Actually, there's two of them. Swooped in all aflutter the other day, no hellos, no warnings, no nothing. Just came right in, as if she owned the damn place and settled into her spot. Refused to budge, even though I cussed a great deal. Departed for awhile when I charged, but then came right back when I wasn't looking. And now, my stoooooopid conscience has kicked in, and I'm afraid I don't know how to ask her to leave.

So, instead, I took a picture of her, and put it in my offline album called 'home'.

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She's settled on top of a wooden crate I have on my *sort of*verandha-*more of*-clothesline, and the last time I shooed her away, I noticed she'd arranged a whole lot of leaves on the crate. Made a mental note to tell the bai to get rid of the crate and the leaves, but of course I forgot, and tended to ignore the pigeon flutterings outside my window.... And this morning, my impertinent tresspasser was very ballsy about not fluttering away when I wanted her to - so when I climbed up to investigate, I see a single, shiny white egg.



I groaned to myself and begged my flatmate to be the ogre and get ride of the crate and leaves and egg, but of course she got all "I can't be a Pigeon Saddam", and refused to carry out the hatchet job. Ditto the good-for-nothing bai, who gets up there to string up clothes for drying every two days or so, and still doesn't manage to notice the damn bird in the damn crate with the damn egg.

And, while I may mutter expletives to my uninvited guest outside every now and then, and talk aloud about how tasty scrambled eggs are, I know she's already won the damn battle. I feel like the Bombay Municipal Corporation, blackballed by the damn slumdwellers. I'm just hoping that I don't find pigeon poop on my freshly cleaned clothes now. *boohoohoo*

Does anyone know how long it takes pigeons to hatch their eggs?


*gasp*...U r the pigeon Saddam! i hate all birdies (except the ones that i eat)...i'm terribly scared of pigeons or else i'd have come down there to get rid of it. sorry buddy.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:07 PM  

mizfit - hehehe... wussy! even worse than me, i see! :)

By Blogger livinghigh, at 12:18 AM  

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