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Sunday, December 31, 2006
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Players - The New Story on Gabbles

What was I thinking of when I wrote it? A conversation with a close friend. So many days spent at the coffee shop observing people. And many more conversations overheard around me. There's an ideal there: the player with the balls, Hindi cinema's celebrated harlot with the heart of gold. :) But I hate excuses. I hate making excuses for people, though I seem to be so adept at making them for myself.

My favourite excuse: not any of the stuff that the players use in the story, nothing silly like that, but something much more deep-rooted and stolid: this is how I am. This is how I am, deal with it. You can almost hear the gavel hammering down then.

Too eager for love? This is how I am.

Too laidback to overtake life? This is how I am.

Too satsfied in who I am? This is how I am.

Absurd, isn't it?

Watching the players unfold their play is a more entertaining option.


Too lazy to read your story? This is how I am.

Happy New Year dearie!

By Blogger Casablanca, at 10:41 AM  

Hmm.. I must read this.

Happy New Year to you. No new posts in the New Year yet? Stop loitering around Crawford market! :P

By Anonymous jedi, at 6:54 PM  

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