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Monday, January 22, 2007
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Back From Delhi

So it took me more than a week to finally upload all the snaps from my Delhi-Agra trip, but they're finally online at Pixelated. An exercise of labelling, photoshopping, blogging and uploading, and finally relabelling and rechecking. Whew.

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And I thought, getting a digicam was easy work.


On Sunday, instead of hitting Zenzi for some salsa practice, I joined a friend for a Western Classical Music concert at the NCPA. Involved a stocky Polish pianist and a gorgeous French singer (mezzo-something). And even though I really didn't get a word of what she sang - French, you see - I could (for the most part) get the thrust of the song, cuz the singer was so completely involved with the crowd.

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With each of her songs, she adopted a new persona and played with the crowd - playing up the hurt or the anger or the love or the flirting or the sorrow or whatever emotion was dominant in the song. The best was the last song, their encore, in which she enacted this funny (I take it) song about being high and tipsy. Ridiculously funny.


I have been going for salsa lessons. What fun!

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