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Saturday, January 13, 2007
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Saddi Dilli

The hiatus in blogging is due to my Delhi trip. The trip is about to get over, though, and I hit Bombay late tomorrow night, godwilling fog doesn't play the spoilsport. Have had loads of fun, and will post about that shortly. Had three days exploring Old Delhi and Agra with a friend, and even though he wasn't very impressed with the Taj, I was.

Immensely so.

So, while Stephen groaned and moaned about how the Taj was overhyped, and yes, the smell of feet in the inner sanctum was a deterrent, I kinda... fused with the place. I felt all weird and mushy-gooey... and it was really great. I told him later: maybe I needed him to rant on and on about the place as much as he did, because it allowed me to breathe in its intensity. It wasn't all about Shah Jahan and his 'n'th queen... it was so much more important. The idea that through the centuries, so many lovers have wandered under the arches holding hands... can all that love ever be anything but beautiful? :) I jokingly call the Taj the world's greatest Erection for Love, and sometimes that may seem cynical.. but it doesn't have to be.

And it's about the way we are. I realised something that day, as I told Stephen - I'm madly in love with my country. There we were, on the platform of the Taj, the monument was looking splendid by the light of the setting sun, and from somewhere across the river there wafted in this beautiful tune being played on some primitive stringed instrument... it took me a while to realise that the tune was from a recent Hindi film song, and that was just so amusing that I started laughing. Stephen was surprised, but I couldn't find the right words to explain why I found it all so amazing. The then and the now, the building and the rebuilding.

More on Delhi and Agra, and loads of pictures to upload... will come soon.


You copy-cat! I was in old Delhi and Agra in December too :D
Nice, no?

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