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Thursday, January 25, 2007
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Year of the Pig (OINK!!!)

While in Delhi, Sharon and I pored over Elle magazine to decipher our fortunes in the new year. Predictably, it said I didn't realy have stable love in sight, but it did mention that my career graph looks set to zoom. There was stuff about new challenges - 'nothing that you cannot handle, though' - and great accolades, and post-September, a 'free soaring', which I hope means that I get the scholarship I've applied for. But it's still January; September is many many months away, and I'm handling all those 'new challenges' that I've supposedly handled before.

1. Badgering Clients.
2. Results season.
3. Spoilt bratty journalists.
4. Bosses who expect you to be superhuman.
5. Intermittent flirtations with melancholy regarding singlehood.
6. O, and did I mention Badgering Clients. Bold and Underline that, please.

But in a way, the forecast (if it can be called that) was right. It's not something I haven't been through before. Thankfully, I don't have inertia holding me back, and thankfully I'm geared up to treat Q3 more aggressively than I did earlier. So I don't get all excited, and I stroll in after an extended 2 hour long lunch break (ok, I agree that's a bit much!) to glide over to the telecon chair for a conference call. And the most important part is strategy: I'm glad I'm able to strategize much faster and better this time around. More independently.


Last night, I hit The Ghetto after ages. The first time I'd been there was during the CNBC years, with Mallu and the gang from office, and after that so many times with Sharon. The great big drawing of Jim Morrison is still there, as green as ever in the garbled light, even though some of the other drawings have changed. And the atmosphere still remains as college-world as ever. So I glugged beer (two pints) and conversed about the similarities between Hinduism and Ancient Greek religion, and no, it wasn't all that farty as it seems. :) This is The Ghetto - farty is not allowed.

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Yeh...da year of da piggie.

Wish you get the scholarship bro!

All the bests.

By Blogger Ghost Particle, at 10:44 AM  

As much as I want to get hold of some book for a good deal, Somehow I always manage to miss the yrly sale every time :((

By Blogger Viewer, at 3:00 PM  

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