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Saturday, February 17, 2007
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Saint Shiv's Day

Three day weekend (or something of the sort, since everyone knows I don't take Saturday workdays at all seriously!) and suddenly I'm a major Shiv Bhakt, all thanks to Mahashivratri that earned me my day of rest on Friday. A lovely day of sleeping in late, shopping leisurely, a coffee date over loads of caramel and conversation, and a great dinner out with friends to a restaurant I haven't been to in ages.

That's the second 'festival', after a more high-profile Valentine's Day on the 14th. A foreign friend of mine remarked today, how surprised he was to see all the usual V-day mumbo-jumbo in India, via cards and banners and posters and ads, when he always thought it was such a (*grin*) Western concept. Aha. I guess the Bajrang Dal guys would be glad to hear the NRI talk, and might even send him a draft to join the party! :)

Anyhow, V-day was spent at a friend's Red Party (soooo imaginative!), and it turned out that nobody really cares for all the hoopla anyway. Even as the 14th began, I got an sms from a friend moaning: "I hate this day! They should have a Random Fcuk Day instead!"

I tend to agree. :) Especially since we didn't get a holiday off work on the 14th!

Now you know why I'm a good Bajrang Dal boy, and loooove my Mahashivratri! :)

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Ok I hve already sent my party dress to the dry cleaner :D

Wow goa but in the monsoon ??? As far as I know Goa almost shuts down during monsoon isnt ??

By Blogger Viewer, at 1:26 PM  

I have m party outfit ready :) Grin*

By Blogger Viewer, at 2:22 PM  

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