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Saturday, March 10, 2007
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Saturdays at work

The Livinghigh Logic: if one must indeed work on Saturdays, then one might as well go laaaaaaaaaaaaate in the day (afternoon) to the office. So in I stroll at 12.45 pm, after grabbing a nice frankie roll at Churchgate station, and I say a 'hello' to my boss. And I explain to him, very nicely, how it's much better if I come in late and stay till late in the afternoon, when everybody has left. That gives me peace and quiet, boss, I argue, and he pipes down.

It also affords me the leisure to listen to great songs on the computer while I blog. Aaa, come on, there's hardly any work on Saturdays anyway - just some silly ego massaging on the phone if dimwit clients require it, and some jotting down plans for next week. I'm a glorified secretary on Saturdays, and I may as well pop some bubblegum now.

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Copied some nice songs from a friend over onto my computer here. Old style Phil Collins and John Denver and some Elvis Presley. :)


nice one! stay late and listen to the songs and blog.. hehehe

Country roads take me home? :)

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