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Monday, April 23, 2007
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A Wadala Sunday

This week and the last one has been a bonding exercise, of sorts, with darling brother. Living with him till my PG thing gets finalised, and so here I am in the back of beyond, Wadala. Aaa, it's not that bad really, seeing that it's just about 5 stations away from VT and 3 from Bandra, and its technically South Bombay, given the only-taxis-and-no-autos rule, but then my friends refuse to hear me say so and threaten to boycott me if I persist in calling Wadala 'South Bombay'!


So, last week, went to see this weird Hillary Swank starrer The Reaping. The usual Exorcist-style Hollywood horror flick - coming of the anti-christ, 10 plagues on mankind, angel come to save mankind, scary kid doing the spooky eye routine, yadayadayada. :) Bro hates scary movies and would rather have gone to see this inane action flick called Shooter, but personally I prefer horror flicks - even though I'm quite the coward myself. Not as bad as bro, though - he actually covers his eyes and sits through much of the movie like that, or pretends to be messaging someone furiously on the cellphone! :)

But I must confess: I was glad that I was sleeping with him that night! *grin*

Today has been Exploration Day or sorts. After yesterday's plan to visit (and photograph) Lower Parel and Dadar Five Gardens was shelved on account of the horrendous Bombay heat, I resolved to do the Haji Ali dargah this afternoon, post-lunch. So we caught lunch at O Calcutta's, fish Bong-style and all, and after that I set off on my own. Walked across the thin bridge and did darshan at the dargah, then clicked snaps of the coastline, and hailed a cab to Marine Drive where I took some more snaps. Wanted to check out the museum also, but it was much too late, so decided to take snaps of the Afghan Church at Colaba instead. That was a great decision, and I topped it off by a solitary viewing of the 7 pm show of Bheja Fry. Great comedy, really, and I recommend it for anyone. :)

Back home at 11 pm, to be greeted by gooseberry ice cream, courtesy bro. :) Nice Sunday.


When the Buddhi from Bori-Bunder distributes DownTown Plus with the morning paper - THAT is the last word on Wadala being Downtwn SoBo.

And from personal experience over many decades I can confirm that the sights at Five Gardens can only make a Sunday evening a great deal hotter


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:28 AM  

Does it matter if wadala is or isnt a part of south mumbai??....

By Blogger Viewer, at 2:47 PM  

Boohoo! My Sunday was nothing like it. Got stood up by friends and spent all day doing nothing. The evening got better though. God bless gaming! lol

p.s. must watch Bheja Fry today!

By Anonymous Jedi, at 1:35 PM  

It actually matters a great deal. Being a WADALAite, I can definitely say that it isn't south Mumbai and please for Pete's sake, don't put it in that category. All in all, a great place to be, isn't it?

By Blogger Ashwin, at 4:47 PM  

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