Livinghigh: Still Seeing Shiny Disco Balls...
Sunday, July 22, 2007
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Still Seeing Shiny Disco Balls...

Came back home this morning with a definite hangover. Collapsed at my friend's place after a night of heavy-duty partying, with my contacts on, and the damn things started irritating me early morning, so I woke up by 10 am. Damn, no usual Sunday-sleeping-till-one this week.

O, but the party was fun!

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Screamed my lungs out. Danced my butt flat. Maybe I lost some weight? Better not to hope for toooo much, now! *snigger* Drank tonnes. Five drinks. I get drunk after two, remember. So I was sloshed. *giggle*Happy me. Happy, happy, happy, happy me.


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