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Monday, September 18, 2006
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Meals for One

Some people just can't eat alone. As simple as that. The old flatmate was quite a terror at it. As soon as lunch time would come calling, he would amble over to the cubbyhole where I used to sit and suggest lunch - even if I'd already eaten. Just come and sit there, na, he would whine, and I would usually agree - cuz I'm nice and sweet and yadayadayada. ;-) Living with the gyaaneshwar has been an experience, in more ways than one!

Cut to present time - current Flatmate buzzes me on the phone this afternoon: Where are you? Still at Phoneix?

Nopes, I'm in town, I reply, what's up?

Naaa - I was wondering if you could have them pack this great dish I had at this restaurant there and bring it home - I really wanna eat it, but don't wanna go there by myself.

Ummmm.... why not?

So flatmate pouts and professes that for all her splendid views on the sacred feminine, she's quite chauvnistic in these matters and still feels that women going to eat at fancy restaurants are branded 'pathetic'.

But what about when men do it? I ask, smirking to myself.

No problem there at all, she declares, and I can't help hiding the smirk. I'm a chauvnist myself, and make no bones about it.

But one thing I do do all the time is eat alone. Especially for lunch. At the Fort, there are just too many alternatives for lunchtime, and you can't always depend on your boss or colleagues to share your gastronomic tastes - so the best thing to do at times is go solo. Egg bhurji from the roadside, Parsi food at Cafe Military, plain old Bhaji Pav, Fish thali at Gomantak, Chaats at Pujabi Halwaii, and so many others that I've stumbled onto.

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Diet? What diet? *innocent face*


Oh, to hell with stereotypes. Nothing pathetic about eating alone... even for a girl. I do that ever so often, and usually I dont try to use a book as a crutch. What is so wrong with sitting in silence, and have a great meal with yourself and your thoughts?

PS: Did I mention how much I lurve the new template? So so bright! We likey :D

By Blogger Casablanca, at 2:42 PM  

You behave yourself and stick to that diet of yours boy!

You are already way too tall for sweet little Farida, you do NOT want to be too wide for her as well do you?

Do YA???


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:51 PM  

casa - hehehe. i know what u mean! i do dat a lot at lunchtime, and even more when i go travelling on tours from work - take a nice book n go down to de hotel dining room, nibble on starters, main course and dessert while reading blissfully! ;-)

viraf - *guilty look* i had a dark chocolate-mint brownie torte this evening at theo's. saawwwwry, dadima. *grin*

By Blogger livinghigh, at 12:21 AM  

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