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Wednesday, March 28, 2007
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Soul Fried

Back home in Bombay, and sometimes I wonder if that phrase I just used is true. 'Back home', I mean. Daresay, it sounds terribly cliched and world-weary of me to say that, but gosh, sometimes I'm really not sure where I feel most at home. Calcutta, Delhi or Bombay. Not Chennai. Never Chennai. Chennai never entered the scheme of things, as far as 'homely' status was concerned. It's always the hot and wet place with the gorgeous fort (St. George).

But here in Bombay, as I'm back after a week-long sojourn in Calcutta, it fees like... home. My little wrought-iron bed here, and then I think of my (not so much bigger) wooden bed in Calcutta, with the bolsters and the mosquito net, and I'm at a loss as to come up with a definitive answer as to which one I love the best. That's what I get for being an unabashed sleepyhead - a bed anywhere feels like heaven. (Anyone's bed, for that matter.... *grin* )

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... And I might be hitting Delhi next week on a short work trip. A place whose wide open roads and relatively smaller rentals add soooo much to its charm. No hunting for cramped little apartments, through crowds of teeming people, like it is here in Bombay. And yet, this is where I am, Carter Road and Marine Drive and Lower Parel and all. :)


Popped out for lunch today at this brand new restaurant at Fountain - an offspring of Bandra's Soul Fry, we have Soul Fry Casa. Very Goan look and feel inside, and the food is great, even though the service isn't very quick. They still haven't bought covers for the cushions, which are all crinkly under the plastic wrap. :) O, and Mad Bawi says that the solkadi is actually spicy - something that I have never heard of. I had a nice fish caldine, with pav bread, and was quite satisfied.

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For once, not a Parsi joint! :)


oh, i absolutely love chennai! :)
and st. george fort is gorgeous?? ewwwww! lol

pepe M

By Blogger pepe M., at 7:53 AM  

u hate chennai? -gulp-

ok, u just din have the right company or u just din visit the right places here ;)

but having said that, i think liking towards a place has a lot to do with childhood and growing up memories as well. Isn't it?

By Anonymous co^th, at 4:20 PM  

Welcome back :) The fish caldine looks yum :)

By Blogger Viewer, at 7:24 AM  

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